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Order 3 Bottles of Probiotics and 3 Bottles of Bitters and we'll email you the Naked Challenge Program ($129) for FREE***Special Deal! Now buy 5 Bottles and Get One Bottle FREE!!!  Savings of $49.00!***


Diana Stobo's Digestive Bitters are an herbal digestive formula that stimulates the body's own production of bile and thousands of digestive enzymes, helping your body digest efficiently and incorporate nutrients optimally. Digestive Bitters are a recommended part of Diana’s 10-day detox, the Naked Challenge.

Enzymes are critical to a healthy life. As we age our bodies produce fewer of these vital enzymes. Even with a healthy diet, you may not be absorbing the essential nutrients and fuel for your body because of a lack of enzymatic production.

Stress and poor diet also lead to a reduction in bile production. Our bodies should be producing a liter of bile daily, but the sad truth is that the majority of us barely create the required amount. Bile is the body's natural "degreaser," breaking down fats for digestion, which in turn are used in hormone production. ALL hormones are synthesized from fat.

This deficient production of enzymes and bile can contribute to a myriad of general health problems including:
  • Premature aging
  • Food allergies
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Decreased energy and fatigue
  • Inflammation
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Poor circulation
  • Lymphatic congestion
  • Gallstones

Ingredients: Trifala (Amalaki, Bibitaki, Haritaki), Ancient Plant Minerals, Hawthorn Berry, Turmeric, White Oak Bark, Bhumyamalaki, Cumin, Aloe Vera, Dandelion Root, Sarsaparilla, Cardamon, Boldo, Papaya Leaf, Codonopsis, Fennel Seed, Cinnamon (Sweet), Alfalfa Leaf, Coriander, Guduchi, Peppermint, Red Peony Root, Ginger, Milk Thistle Seed, Fenugreek, Lemon Balm, Gold Coin Grass, Plantain Leaf, Turkey Rhubarb, Dill, Chamomile, Caraway Seed, Oregano, Parsley Leaf, Fringe Tree Bark, Pippali, Thyme, Bupleurum, Rosemary, Chickweed, Ashwagandha, Licorice Root, Calamus (American), Burdock Root, Wild Yam, Gymnema, Nettle Root, Guacatonga, Epazote, Pink Sulfur Salt, Devil's Claw, Elecampane, Gentian, Andrographis, Humic & Fulvic Earth with SBOs, Ormalite  

Capsules per bottle: 120.

Capsule ingredient: Pullulan. Pullulan is made from water extracted from fungi. It is natural, environmentally friendly, candida yeast free, and non-GMO, and there are no toxic chemicals involved in growth, harvest, or extraction. Pullulan forms an oxygen barrier 9 times stronger than gelatin, resulting in better protected nutrients as well as a longer shelf life for the product.

Recommended uses: For regularity, take 2 capsules with a large glass of water about 10 minutes before every meal. You can also take up to 5 capsules before bedtime. For severe constipation, Bitters alone may not be enough; add a magnesium supplement or a Probiotic for faster relief. 

For general digestive health or digestive support for a raw diet, take one capsule with a large glass of water about 10 minutes before each meal. 

For fullness or discomfort after a large meal or for relief after eating something that disagrees with you, take 1 to 3 capsules as needed.

Tips for best results: When taking Bitters, make sure to drink plenty of water: about 8 glasses a day. The Bitters work best when paired with a Naked diet; that is, a diet that is about 80% fresh, raw produce like salads, wraps, smoothies, and juices and about 20% cooked food. For more information about a Naked diet, go HERE.

Return policy: If you follow the recommended uses and tips for best results stated above and the Bitters don't work for you, you may return any completely sealed, unopened bottles for a refund (shipping charges are not refunded) within 30 days of purchase. Once the seals have been broken, a bottle cannot be returned.  


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    I LOVE these bitters, they have been Heavensent for relieving my digestive issues! on 29th Oct 2016

  2. Essential Part of My Nutritional Routine

    I was first introduced to Diana's Digestive Bitters during a Naked Challenge. I didn't really pay much attention to their effects as I was concentrating on my diet. Fast forward a year or so I felt "things" weren't moving along as they should and was experiencing chronic bloating. I remembered the digestive bitters and thought I'd try them again. Took (3) the night they arrived and I've been sold ever since. "Things" are moving along nicely and the bloat has virtually disappeared. Double this up with a diet heavy on the green side and I'm a happy camper. on 27th Oct 2016

  3. Love This Product

    These are the only thing that helps my constipation on 13th Aug 2016

  4. dont want that bloat feeling, digestive bitters are a must

    Love digestive bitters, I don't feel bloated, things run smoothly and makes me happy. on 23rd Apr 2016

  5. part of my routine

    Have been taking the bitters pretty consistently and have noticed a difference in my digestion -in a good way, better elimination and prevention of bloating , my weight has been pretty stable also. All this of course with healthy food choices , lots of water and exercise. But on those days when we aren't making the best choices the bitters are always right by my side to help me get back on track! on 28th Dec 2015

  6. YEAH, I'm pooping consistently

    It is a bigger deal than what is given credit, to poop, not just everyday, but more than once a day. I am 53 and now have more regularity than ever before in my life, in a HEALTHY way. My body is soooo much happier, I feel it!!!

    Thanks so much Diana, thank you thank you thank you!!!
    on 24th Dec 2015

  7. Cleanliness is close to Godliness.

    We live in very toxic world. The Digestive Bitters help to eliminate some of that toxicity from our bodies
    Actually I purchased the Digestive Bitters for my wife. .She's very happy with them .
    She has a lot more energy. You need energy to do anything.
    The bitters help with that.
    on 3rd Dec 2015

  8. Less Poof is Proof

    I'm at that point in life (49) where weight control is not easy anymore. No more waking with a flat tummy in the morning after an indulgent night or simply cutting back and throwing in an extra gym session to drop the extra lbs. I'm leary of quick fix claims and pills and have never bought into them. But, Diana is a friend and I know she doesn't sell snake oils. So, tired of my pooch I decided to try her bitters. Took four the first night and I swear my stomach showed it in the morning. Trust me. I look at it several times a day. It clears my gut which also takes away a pound or two which motivates me in my diet, not to be confused with dieting. I still have my 10-15 lbs. to loose but the bitters are definitely helping me on my way. Just came back from four weeks of vacation ( with buffets) and I didn't gain any weight! Try one bottle at least. on 3rd Dec 2015


    I give this 5 stars! It is amazing and has changed my life. If you have been experiencing any health issues in your life this will help you. I have noticed such a positive change in my health and overall wellbeing on 29th Oct 2015

  10. effective digestive support

    I experience this as a superior digestive support product. I have tried numerous digestive enzymes and this provides new and different results. The first time I took them I experienced a feeling of thorough clean out that lasted at least 24 hours without discomfort or excessive elimination, and resulting in fuller bowel movements. Whether taking before, during or after eating, I feel immediate digestion, free from cramping, gas or bloating. I just happened to find the digestive aid I have been searching for for over a decade! Thank you! on 17th Sep 2015

  11. Amazing

    This product is amazing. After 3 days I could tell a major difference. I no longer have bloating, feel gassy or constipated.

    I have tried various probiotics and non of them have worked. Digestive Bitters is truly a wonder product.
    on 16th Sep 2015

  12. On The Mend

    This is my first week using the digestive bitters and I am pleased to say it is helping me to digest the foods I eat. So far so good. I am so looking forward to feeling much better.
    I keep them with me. Don't eat a meal without them.
    on 8th Sep 2015

  13. Fabulous product works exactly as advertised!

    We love the digestive bitters. I only take three every night and it has made a huge difference already! I just wish they weren't so expensive. on 2nd Sep 2015

  14. Amazing!

    These bitters are really amazing and you can tell they work after the first day of using them. They really are as good as they sound and if you suffer from any sort of stomach or digestive issues you should give them a try! :) on 19th Apr 2015

  15. Really helps any kind of digestive issues

    This was chunk of change to lay out, but I was curious and regular digestive enzymes ironically give me gas, bloating and indigestion! I was determined to find something that would keep my system running smoothly and still be good for me. I read up about digestive bitters and how they work and was going to try some liquid ones but then ordered these instead. They really do work. You can custom tailor the dose to your diet or what is going on in your life etc. I always take at least 2 with every meal - right before - and then a couple more at night before bed with some other supplements I take. I have upped it to 3 at times, depending on how I'm eating that day. I usually try to eat high raw but I'm not a slave to it and some days I still have a juicy burger or some kind of cooked protein and those are the days I up the dosage a bit to move it all through my system faster. These keep my stomach happy. I don't really know how else to describe it. I believe they have helped me lose weight also as my metabolism is faster and my food doesn't feel like it's sitting inside me forever. I hope the price doesn't go up too much in the future. I would still like to be able to afford the 3 bottles to get a better price but I might have to go month to month. I will still purchase them, however. on 23rd Mar 2015

  16. I didn't really believe the hype but should have

    The east coast has been bitter cold and wet this winter and I was beginning to feel like a polar bear in hibernation. I received the email with the off to save $21 on three bottles and thought I would give it a try.... why not could I feel less my surprise within 24 hours my body responded and began to eliminate wastes like an action hero. Three days later I feel like a new person and realized I must produce much less bile than my body needs after my gallbladder was removed ten years ago when it failed to function as a muscle. I am on the road to becoming the person I am supposed to be and feel wonderful. Thank you for creating a product that works as it states and exceeded all my expectations. on 10th Mar 2015

  17. the best!

    We can see why so many say they cannot live without these bitters. Bye, bye bloat. Wonderful product and will reorder! on 4th Mar 2015

  18. LOVE, LOVE My Digestive Bitters

    I have lost all my belly bloating issues since taking these digestive bitters with all my meals. I love them and they keep my body feeling great! on 5th Feb 2015

  19. wounder pill

    Just make u feel great....light and regular. ...= more energy on 14th Jan 2015

  20. Changed my life

    These are exactly what my body needed to reset. I never had a problem 'going' per say, but once I started taking these babies regularly, I really remembered what it was like to have a good movement. Your food is digested well and you pass it the way you're supposed to. I order 3 bottles every few months - my daughter has started taking them too. 5 stars! on 5th Jan 2015