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Diana Stobo's Most Amazing Nut & Seed Milk Recipes

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Most people have trouble digesting dairy products - and don't even know it. We live with rashes, stomachaches, gas, and slow digestion for years before we figure it out.

Fortunately, there is a delicious substitute: "milk" made from nuts or seeds. You can buy it premade for convenience, but for a fresher and cheaper option, you can make your own. Freshly made nut milk tastes delicious and provides protein, "good" fat, and some calcium. You just need some raw nuts or seeds, some pure water, a high-speed blender, and a nutmilk bag, and you are ready to go. Get yours today!


  • Basic instructions for making milk
  • A nutrition and soaking chart for 15 kinds of nuts and seeds
  • 12 amazing recipes like Maple Pecan Milk, Berry Walnut Milk, and Vanilla Mint Brazil-Nut Milk