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NEW RAW Cashew Hemp-Seed Protein Milk Mix - (6 bags, 1 month supply)

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This amazing nut- and seed-milk blend is your key to great nutrition. It is fun and easy to make and loaded with omega 3’s, fiber, magnesium, vitamin C, potassium, and zinc. Each blend has pure superfood ingredients to enhance flavor and nourish the body. Each bag makes more than 40 ounces of creamy, smooth cashew milk (6 servings). Just add water and blend. Use in smoothies or drink on its own. 

1 pack makes over 40 ounces.

Each case includes 3 bags of Wild Vanilla Bean and 3 bags of Naughty Raw Chocolate, totaling 6 bags and 24 servings. These bags retail at $19.99 (case price $119.94), but on our exclusive online case sale you get each bag for $12.99 (case price $77.94), saving $42.00. This is about a month's worth of fresh cashew hemp milk.

  • 5 superfood blend mix of the Mother Nature's most nourishing and nutrient-rich ingredients: raw cashews, hemp seed hearts, organic Raw cacao, coconut palm sugar, and pink Himalayan sea salt
  • Easy to make! Just add water (a little TLC, of course) and you can blend your own milk in a jiffy. One package lasts for an entire year, so you always count on having a healthy and oh-so-tasty additive for your coffee, smoothies, and juice drinks (even kids will say, "More, please!")
  • Quick to prepare - in just 60 seconds you create a milk that supercharges nutrition levels for your family, friends, and loved ones!
  • Sweet and healthy flavor, thanks to a nut, seed, and rich coconut sugar blend, creating a complete source of protein (a branched chain of 9 amino acids) that's just 200 calories per serving
  • Exclusively made by Diana Stobo, award-winning author of the healthy lifestyle book Get Naked Fast! After struggling for years with her weight, she turned to fresh fruits and vegetables to heal her body. Today, as a 50-year-old mother of three, she's 100 pounds lighter, happier than ever, and teaches countless people to do the same





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  1. More, please!... LOTS more

    This nut milk is AMAZING!! Creamy and delicious. It is my new "go to" snack when I need a boost. I love that I can just keep it in the pantry so I always have it on hand. It's perfect for busy people. You can whip up a batch in literally ONE minute!! Love it!! on 10th Jul 2016

  2. Good stuff

    I'm enjoying this drink. I prefer the vanilla. I have not added
    anything to it yet, I just drink it plain. I drink some , and save
    the rest for later. thanks
    on 9th Jan 2016

  3. Better than I expected

    I was expecting a powder instead of the raw cashew pieces, hemp seed, vanilla powder, coconut palm sugar and pink himalayan salt. I was pleasantly surprised! It's delicious, easy to make. I love it on 31st Oct 2015

  4. Delicious

    I love this product. All the recipes that Diana sends out for the cashew hemp milk are delicious. The quick delivery after ordering is an added bonus.
    on 16th Sep 2015

  5. Cashew Hemp Milk

    I think I forgot to highlight the stars... A 5 Star for us:) on 18th Aug 2015

  6. Cashew Hemp Milk

    My 20 yr old daughter is very picky and can not digest dairy well. I have been making her home made almond milk for last three years. She loves it because, its fresh. She does not like other flavors or nuts. We ordered the cashew hemp milk and She LOVED it. Nicole said this is the best milk she's ever had:) Happy daughter, very happy Mom. on 18th Aug 2015

  7. Delicious Cashew-Hemp Seed Milk

    Simply delicious!!!! on 30th Mar 2015

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  • Cashew Hemp Milk: Fresh, Raw, Delicious, and Simple | Diana Stobo
    Cashew Hemp Milk: Fresh, Raw, Delicious, and Simple | Diana St...

Cashew Hemp Milk: Fresh, Raw, Delicious, and Simple | Diana Stobo

Cashew Hemp Milk: Fresh, Raw, Delicious, and Simple | Diana Stobo – With Diana Stobo’s Cashew Hemp Milk, making delicious, fresh, and raw nut milk now only takes 60 seconds. A complete source of protein, Cashew Hemp Milk is also gluten-free, dairy-free, low in sugar, low in carbs, it's very high in fiber, and it's bursting with Omega 3s. Click Here to order Diana Stobo’s Cashew Hemp Milk: ► Take my 10 Day Guided Cleanse ‘The Naked Challenge' and transform your life: ► Please SHARE this Video! ► Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more delicious and healthy recipes ► ____________________ There are so many problems with diet plans today, and the biggest reason they don't work is because they are hyper-focused on Weight LOSS. It's easier than you think to lose weight. I mean anytime you deplete your body of a necessity, it will get lighter. Taking out Carbs, or Fats, or calories, will always promote weight loss. But losing weight in such a way is only temporary and not sustainable. Your body is depleted for goodness sakes, and sooner or later, it's going to want more nutrients. And, what the body wants, the body will climb mountains to get. __________________ Please SHARE this video! ► _________________ Connect with me so we can stay in touch… Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Pinterest ► Website ► ____________________ Thank you for all your love and support. We appreciate your comments, likes and favorites. If you like something ► please SHARE it! ____________________ Click Here To Order my Bestselling ‘Get Naked Fast’ e-book ► Click Here to to Get Monthly Coaching for as little as $8.00 a month! ► Take my 10 Day Guided Cleanse ‘The Naked Challenge' and transform your life: ► Subscribe and lets keep in touch! ► _________________ Cashew Hemp Milk: Fresh, Raw, Delicious, and Simple | Diana Stobo