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Smoothie Boosters: The 26 Most Energizing And Detoxifying Smoothies

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26 delicious and super-nutritious smoothie recipes. Includes Green Smoothies like Kale Lemonade, Fruity Smoothies like Watermelon Mint, Creamy Smoothies like Creamy Orange, and Smoothie Boosters like Chocolate Malted Milk.

"What's an easy way to get more raw food into my diet?" "What can I make for a mal when I only have 5 minutes?" "What's a healthful, complete meal that I can take on the go?" The answer to all these questions is: A SMOOTHIE! I know for some a smoothie may not seem like a meal, but drinking your food is the best way to get quick, nutritious, and satisfying meals into your body without overwhelming your digestion.

Smoothies are a great addition to your diet for three reasons. Find out what they are by purchasing this book!


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    Thank You!

    Posted by Bob on 23rd Mar 2015

    Your Smoothie book is a must have for anyone just starting to learn about Smoothies. I am extremely "Green" (no pun intended) Your book breaks down precisely amounts, why, how, and length of time we are supposed to blend for correct consistantsy. For a beginner this is essential. It keeps us in the game. Instead of dealing with frustration when making a Smoothie we get to enjoy a satisfying accomplishment along with the huge reward of a great tasting Smoothie that is extremely healthy. I even have my 76 year old Mother making Smoothies.

    Thanks for helping me help myself! P.S. very reasonably priced also.